Museum of Municipal Engineering

New edition of MIM-Mornings

From February, we invite you to the new edition of family lessons - MIM-Mornings and MIM-Mornings - Encore!

museum lessons "It's so simple"

Inspired by interactive stands at the exhibition "It's so simple", we prepared new Sunday museum lessons. In an accessible and interesting way we will prove that it science is not so scary...

Garden of Experiences


Lemoniada is an annual contest, organised since 2011, inspired by the work of Stanisław Lem.Lemoniada '2018 is the eighth contest. This time we will explore the book "Peace on Earth".

Museum of Municipal Engineering

Find your fortes

"Find Your Fortes" is a series of museum lessons that broaden and support interest in technology and science among children and young people (from 7 to 13 years old). This year we have prepared two leading topics: "Secrets of the human body

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