A new educational exhibition at the Museum of Municipal Engineering. Check if you have a spirit of a scientist and a constructor. Get knowledge only seemingly "not so simple", having fun at the same time...

Museum of Municipal Engineering

At the end of September we are introducing a new exhibition!

Thanks to the exhibition "P for paradox. The story of Fiat 125p" we will take our visitors on a journey in time through the best years of Fiat 125p and through thematic parts of the exhibition...

The investment offensive of the Museum of Municipal Engineering

In the coming years, the Museum of Municipal Engineering will change beyond recognition. As a result of completed projects and renovations, the museum's exhibition possibilities will change radically...

Museum of Municipal Engineering

Gallery of Steel Figures

On November 29, 2017, at 12:00, we open a new temporary exhibition, featuring dozens of recycled steel sculptures, inspired by heroes from fairy tales, science fiction films, fantasy worlds, as well as celebrities, animals or luxury car models...

Museum of Municipal Engineering

Unavailable exhibition

Dear Visitors, we would like to inform that the exhibition "Tramways at Wawrzynca" will be unavailable from 20.11.2017 until further notice.

Museum of Municipal Engineering

Printing in Kraków 15th-20th century

Dear Visitors, we would like to inform that the exhibition "Printing Krakow 15th-20th century." will be unavailable from 28.11.2017.

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