Engineering of Human Body

We invite senior citizens to participate in "Calm Tuesdays", titled "Engineering of Human Body" – a new series of meetings prepared by the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow. 

Engineering of sight
Let us all have a look at our eyes. We will discuss what determines the size of the pupil. We will check operation of a lens identical to the lens in the human eye. We will find out how brain receives visual impulses and how it processes them. We will try to confuse our eyes. We will learn exercises helping us to maintain good eyesight.

Engineering of heart
Discussing how heart works, we will learn what electric voltage is necessary for heart to work. What is the pace of newborn's and adult's heart. Experimenting, we will check how heart works as suction and pressure pump.

Engineering of hearing
During discussion we will answer the question of how human ears work. We will learn about alternative ways of sound perception by brain. We will listen to sounds and see electromagnetic waves of the corresponding frequency. We will get to know the processes occurring in the brain while listening to music and to noise. We will check which sounds are dangerous to our ears and how to take care of hearing hygiene.