Printing in Kraków 15th - 20th century

The exhibition is made available in the hall of the horse tram (1882), revitalised in 2007 for purposes of a museum exhibition. Kraków, a university city, was the cradle of printing in Poland. Prądnik hosted a paper mill, and the Jagiellonian Library has preserved the oldest Polish print – a calendar – the 1474 Almanach Cracoviense.

Tramways at Wawrzyńca

"Tramways at Wawrzyńca" – exhibition in the hall F, electrical tramway shed, 1912 In the historic tram depot hall you can see 11 historic tram cars, restored in the workshop of the Municipal Transport Company in Kraków.

Moto culture

The new permanent exhibition at the Museum of Municipal Engineering, concerning automotive industry. At the exhibition, in addition to vehicles  produced in Poland, one can see documents, car parts, fuel dispensers and other small objects, illustrating the development of car industry and evolution of automotive technology. The exhibition contains many photographs and film footages, showing - in addition to technical and historical issues - the social aspects of the development of the automotive industry.


The aim of the exhibition is to present and popularize knowledge of municipal engineering, as it is a field of human technological activity that is usually hidden from the eyes of people who use city infrastructure.

game start/game over 2.0

19.05.2017 - 27.08.2017

At the exhibition one will see several popular computer sets produced in the eighties and nineties. There will also be presented some computer accessories and old data carriers. The exhibition includes eight interactive stands, where visitors can play popular old games using original hardware or its replicas. Such devices will be displayed: Pong console, the Atari 2600, Commodore C64, Amiga, Pegasus, the PlayStation (PSX). The aim of the exhibition is also to present pace of technological progress in the last few decades.

Pacemaker - an outline of technical development

10.08.2016 - 31.10.2016

In cooperation with the Clinical Department of Electrocardiology in Pope John Paul II Specialist Hospital in Krakow a display “Pacemaker - an outline of the technical development” was prepared, as another exhibition from the series "From the workshops of Krakow scientists." The exhibition contained original pacemakers implanted in patients’ bodies in Krakow hospital during the years 1980-2016.