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We invite you to the new edition of the Saturday family workshops - "Colorful MIM-mornings". In this year's edition of workshops for children and parents we will get to know the colorful side of experiments. We will make caviar of Coca-Cola, see if one can take pictures in the dark and that magnet attracts liquid substances. The things made during the workshops can be taken home by children.

Workshops are held in Polish.

Green caviar
During the workshop the children, with the help of parents, will make edible caviar, kiwi-, coca-cola- and strawberry-flavoured and raspberry-flavoured spaghetti.

Red-blue stone
Ferrofluid-what is it? Children with their parents will make a magnetic jigsaw.

5.12. 2015
Light pictures
During the workshop we will take pictures painted with light and make original decorations of the elements of coolers and parts of machinery.

Sapphire tram
Colours of trams and buses in different cities. Children will construct small electric motor and make reflective signs of their own design.

Lavender bath muffins
Together with parents, children will make effervescent bath muffins with the scent of lavender and glycerine soaps.

Black and white wicker
During the workshop the children, with the help of their parents, will make Easter baskets of paper wicker, that can be painted any color. We will check, how durable paper is.

Coloured crayons
With the help of the teacher, children will make wax crayons in different shapes and colours. In addition, we will conduct experiments with the polarisation of light.

Painted backpacks
Children with their parents, using special fabric markers, will decorate cotton backpacks. We will carry out experiments with UV light. Backpacks are provided.

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