Sun 27.05.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Share your bone marrow!

Kuba and Michał - what do they have in common? Krakow, passion, one diagnosis ... acute leukemia. Michał Radziejowski is 22 years old, he studies Applied Computer Science at AGH. He develops his passions, fulfills his dreams, pursues his goal. This is how it used to be. A few days before Easter Michał went to the hospital where he stayes until today...

Tue 01.05.2018

Family events in May

Mon 21.05.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

available exhibitions

If you are planning to visit the Museum, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the list of currently available exhibitions. Due to preparations for the renovation of the Museum, some exhibitions will be temporarily unavailable to visitors...

Fri 20.04.2018 Garden of Experiences

What is new in Stanislaw Lem Science Garden?

How to swing without any effort? How to fly without wings? Can you see other colours on the black and white disc? You can search for the answers to these and other questions on your own while exploring Stanislaw Lem Science Garden. As always, for the new season we prepared something new – another 3 models: Keyboard aerophone, Murmuring stone, Magnetic pendulums...

Fri 13.04.2018

We are preparing for the rebuild of the Museum

In the coming years, the Museum of Municipal Engineering will change beyond recognition. As a result of completed projects and renovations, the museum's exhibition possibilities will change radically, and the visitors will be able to admire the collections in much more comfortable conditions. Due to the approaching works, we are not able to keep open all exhibitions that we used to present. We kindly ask our visitors for understanding...

Fri 18.05.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Night of Museums