Around the Wheel

"Around the Wheel" – exhibition in the hall D, narrow-gauge electrical tramway shed, 1901 An educational exhibition, composed of approx. 27 stands directly operated by the visitors according to the instructions and descriptions. Stands, although thematically related to various fields of science and life, involve a common shape of circle.

Tramways at Wawrzyńca

"Tramways at Wawrzyńca" – exhibition in the hall F, electrical tramway shed, 1912 In the historic tram depot hall you can see 11 historic tram cars, restored in the workshop of the Municipal Transport Company in Kraków.

Printing in Kraków 15th - 20th century

The exhibition is made available in the hall of the horse tram (1882), revitalised in 2007 for purposes of a museum exhibition. Kraków, a university city, was the cradle of printing in Poland. Prądnik hosted a paper mill, and the Jagiellonian Library has preserved the oldest Polish print – a calendar – the 1474 Almanach Cracoviense.