17.01.2018 - 15.12.2018

A educational exhibition at the Museum of Municipal Engineering. The exhibition is open from January 17 to December 15, 2018. Check if you have a spirit of a scientist and a constructor. Get knowledge only seemingly "not so simple", having fun at the same time. Discover 26 interactive educational stands in four zones of learning and fun...

Gallery of Steel Figures

29.11.2017 - 30.06.2018

Gallery of Steel Figures is a new temporary exhibition, featuring dozens of sculptures made of steel, inspired by heroes from fairy tales, science fiction films, fantasy worlds, as well as by celebrities, animals or models of luxury car makes. As the authors assert, "In the industrial environment we create impressive metal figures – robots, cartoon and movie characters, and perfectly reconstructed cars, which emerge from the processing and machining of metal scrap. We transform the scrap into imposing artwork, in order to give a completely new life, just like at Madame Tussauds'...

P for paradox.
The story of Fiat 125 p

30.09.2017 - 31.03.2018

In the grey reality of the 1970s, there were not many things that were as desirable as your own car. The purchase of a license to produce “the Big Fiat” and the renewal of Polish-Italian cooperation enabled to make this dream come true. When the first cars drove off the production line on 28th November 1967 everyone wanted to have one. Initially, only the services and privileged individuals had the luck to sit at the wheel of the modern Fiat 125p which was a sign of high social status. However, as time went by and the dream came true, more and more people began to notice that Fiat 125p did not stand for luxury and prestige only, but it also meant day-to-day hardships which stemmed from socialist economy...

Around the Wheel

30.11.-1 - 21.05.2018

"Around the Wheel" – exhibition in the hall D, narrow-gauge electrical tramway shed, 1901 An educational exhibition, composed of approx. 27 stands directly operated by the visitors according to the instructions and descriptions. Stands, although thematically related to various fields of science and life, involve a common shape of circle.