Scientific Library and Archive

The library of the Museum of Urban Engineering was created in 1998, starting with the books collected before that time by the Kraków Technology Artefacts Protection Society. In 15 years we gathered ca. 4 000 books.

The collection includes publications on technology, industry, communication, urban engineering, history of printing and printing technology, architecture, photography, construction, machine and car construction, Polish and foreign vehicle design, road building, telecommunication. The library contains also literature on history and development of urban engineering, industry and craft in Kraków.

The collection is constantly updated. Books and journals are purchased, donated and exchanged with other libraries.

The archive of the Museum of Urban Engineering, like the library, was created in 1998. It contains documents and archival photographs illustrating the history of industry, craft, services, and communication in Kraków as well as cracoviana.

We acquire archival materials and photographs through purchases and donations.

Everyone can access the collection, but please keep in mind that it is accessible only in the reading room. To use the collection, it is necessary to show a valid ID and, in case of accessing the Archive, a document on the aim of the query.

Using one's own equipment in the Library and the Archive is allowed (laptops, digital cameras).