Birthday in the Museum

We invite groups of children from 8 to 18 people, ranging in age from 6 to 13 years, to birthday workshops in our Museum. The purchased birthday ticket includes educational activities on the chosen topic. We invite you to visit the current exhibitions at the Museum of Urban Engineering in Kraków as well.
Exhibitions can be visited during the Museum opening hours.
Duration of the workshop: max. 60 minutes.

After the class, the children go for a birthday snack: cake and other birthday treats, prepared in-house. Meal duration: 30 minutes.
Please take your own plates, cutlery, cups, bowls etc.

After the workshop the birthday boy/girl with their guests goes to a birthday treat: cake and other birthday treats, prepared on their own.

We offer the following workshop subjects:

Old Cinema
At the workshop participants will get to know some of the first techniques of creating an illusion of motion: thaumatrope, phenakisticope and the zoetrope. Clarification of the term "sequence of still images" will allow participants to arrange the sequence of photographs. After edition, we will get a short commemorative video of the birthday workshop, which will be sent to the given e-mail address.
Limit of participants: 18 children

At the workshop one can learn how to do simple experiments in physics and chemistry, using everyday food products. Participants will learn how to put an egg in a bottle, what colour red cabbage juice can be, and how to make yeast grow. At the end of the workshop participants will make an erupting volcano.
Limit of participants: 18 children

Classes combine the form of workshops and lectures. By means of simple experiments and presentations, children can learn why we have day and night on Earth, why the sea level rises and falls throughout the day, what the origin of craters on the moon is and what the Earth's atmosphere is. At the end of the workshop participants will prepare a volcano.
Limit of participants: 18 children

Molecular Gastronomy
Children will try out a simple technique of spherification, used in molecular gastronomy. Thanks to it they will prepare edible colourful caviar of fruit and tea taste. In the same way little chefs will prepare sweet, blue spaghetti. We will taste all the dishes.
Limit of participants: 18 children

Light Painting
In a darkened room, in front of the camera, participants will make colourful inscriptions and outlines in the air. With longer exposure time, in the pictures we will obtain colourful light stripes. All photographs will be sent by e-mail to a given address. At the end of the workshop each participant will receive a paper version of light-painted group photo.
Limit of participants: 12 children