City Theatre Power Plant

The City Theatre Power Plant at św. Ducha square, one of the oldest power plants in Kraków and also the second theatre power plant in Poland, was built in 1893. This building, like the main theatre building, was designed by Jan Zawiejski. The power plant produced electricity until 1906.

The building, built in the Art Nouveau style, included a power plant. equipment for energy production, and a significant part of the chimney. Part of the public opinion of that time criticised the building as pretentious - built like a villa, it housed in a technical device, regarded as trivial because of its utilitarianism. For some, however, like the City Theatre, which in 1909 was renamed Słowacki Theatre, it was a magical place. Hence it was called the Machine House.
The equipment for electricity production was delivered and installed by František Křizik company from Prague, the same one that later created the Northern Railway power station at the railway station in Plaszow in 1898 and the municipal power plant in Podgórze in the year 1899. The equipment installed in the power plant – engines and generators imported by Krizik – were produced by Langenbold company from Frankfurt. The electricity produced was used for lighting scenes and interiors of the theatre and to operate the internal water supply and fire safety network, and the surplus was sold to other theatres in Kraków.

The power plant was in operation until 1906., When the theatre was connected to power supply from the newly launched City Power Plant in Kazimierz. Today, the building houses the Miniature Scene of the Słowacki Theatre.

More information:

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