exhibition of railway models

23.06.2018 - 24.06.2018

Who didn’t dream of their own model train in their childhood? An electric one, with stations, turnouts and working semaphores. On 23 and 24 June the Museum of Municipal Engineering would like to invite those whose dream has not yet come true as well as those who have already played with model trains but want to interest their children in their hobby or who want themselves to experience once again the unforgettable atmosphere to an exhibition of railroad models and to a number of additional attractions...

Around the Wheel

30.11.-1 - 21.05.2018

"Around the Wheel" – exhibition in the hall D, narrow-gauge electrical tramway shed, 1901 An educational exhibition, composed of approx. 27 stands directly operated by the visitors according to the instructions and descriptions. Stands, although thematically related to various fields of science and life, involve a common shape of circle.

P for paradox.
The story of Fiat 125 p

30.09.2017 - 31.03.2018

In the grey reality of the 1970s, there were not many things that were as desirable as your own car. The purchase of a license to produce “the Big Fiat” and the renewal of Polish-Italian cooperation enabled to make this dream come true. When the first cars drove off the production line on 28th November 1967 everyone wanted to have one. Initially, only the services and privileged individuals had the luck to sit at the wheel of the modern Fiat 125p which was a sign of high social status. However, as time went by and the dream came true, more and more people began to notice that Fiat 125p did not stand for luxury and prestige only, but it also meant day-to-day hardships which stemmed from socialist economy...


24.11.2017 - 21.01.2018

The exhibition in the former Cracovia Hotel tells a story of Witold Cęckiewicz’s architecture against the political and social background of the two decades following the 1956 Thaw. After the events of October 1956, architects abandoned socialist realism and turned to modern forms. This breakthrough is the starting point of an exhibition organized in the building of the former Cracovia Hotel (now the Branch of the National Museum in Kraków). The main axis of the show will be the oeuvre of Witold Cęckiewicz – one of the most important architects of Polish post-war modernism. In 1965, Cęckiewicz designed the Cracovia Hotel that – along with the adjacent Kijów (Kiev) Cinema – count among the leading achievements of Polish architecture in the 1960s...

Printing in Kraków 15th - 20th century

The exhibition is made available in the hall of the horse tram (1882), revitalised in 2007 for purposes of a museum exhibition. Kraków, a university city, was the cradle of printing in Poland. Prądnik hosted a paper mill, and the Jagiellonian Library has preserved the oldest Polish print – a calendar – the 1474 Almanach Cracoviense.

Moto culture

The new permanent exhibition at the Museum of Municipal Engineering, concerning automotive industry. At the exhibition, in addition to vehicles  produced in Poland, one can see documents, car parts, fuel dispensers and other small objects, illustrating the development of car industry and evolution of automotive technology. The exhibition contains many photographs and film footages, showing - in addition to technical and historical issues - the social aspects of the development of the automotive industry.