Fire station

The fire station was built in the neo-Gothic style at Potockiego (now Westerplatte) Street in the years 1877 – 1879 to a design by Maciej Moraczewski. The building was intended for the city's Professional Fire Brigade, operating in Kraków since 1873.
The building was an example of innovative construction for fire brigade purposes, where one complex housed the barracks of the officers and firefighters, emergency unit, garages for horse hose carriages and firefighting vehicles, stables, workshops, hose drying facilities, gymnasium and alarm telegraph. The main, most impressive front building, constructed of red brick, with three symmetrically arranged gates, is located alongside the Street. Above the central gate a water tank was placed.
The entire complex has been preserved to this day almost unchanged in the primary arrangement – only one of the external entrance gates was rebuilt, eliminating the header so that modern fire trucks can enter. Originally, in the courtyard, an exercise climbing wall was located, made in the famous Kraków factory of Józef Gorecki, not preserved to this day.
The building is still used by the fire department. In the lobby, on a horse-drawn fire-fighting vehicle with a hose is exhibited.

Visiting the object requires prior authorization.

More information:

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