Kraków Railway Station

The railway station at Lubicz Street in Kraków was built in the 1844 – 1847 period, in accordance with the design of a Wrocław-based architect Peter Rosenbaum. The people of that time considered it one of the most beautiful and most modern railway stations of the Austrian monarchy. It consisted of several elements: railway station building, back area, technical infrastructure, and a settlement for railway workers.

Station construction was related to establishment of the first railroad in Kraków – Upper Silesia Railroad, built by the Kraków – Upper Silesia Railroad Joint Stock Company. The licence to build it was granted by the Senate of the Free City of Kraków. The company was established by entrepreneurs from Wrocław – Prussian citizens – but since the licence was granted, the company was based in Kraków. Its board included four citizens of Kraków, until the Free City of Kraków ceased to exist in 1846.

The station was built to concentrate all the passenger processing duties in one building, in accordance with a trend in functionality of such structures that was new at that time.

The building, originally constructed in a neo-Renaissance style, currently totally unrecognisable due to modifications, was arranged like a palace. The first iron-support hall in the Austrian monarchy, covered with glass, was built along. Trains, with smoking locomotives, entered and left the hall through an arcade brick-and-mortar gate in the middle of the façade.

The first train, pulled by a steam engine called "Kraków", left the Kraków railway station for Mysłowice on October 13, 1847. A silver miniature of the engine can be seen today close to the station, at the Celestat Shooting Brotherhood exhibition. The Brotherhood received it in 1852 from J. Schreder -  railway director who won the traditional brotherhood shooting competition.

The Kraków railway station started as an end station. It became a transit station only when the eastward connection in the direction of Lwów was built in the year 1855.

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