The Kraków Technology Trail, created in 2006, is an urban industrial heritage trail. It connects 17 buildings and complexes with unique historic and architectural value, related to industry, communication, energy production, gas supply, and fire and flood safety, built in the 19th and 20th centuries, designed by the best Polish architects, engineers and building inspectors such as T. Stryjeński, Z. Hendel. K. Knaus, M. Moraczewski, T. Talowski, J. Rzymkowski. Some of the technological landmarks in Kraków were also designed, constructed and equipped with machines by engineers from other European countries, making them a part of the European cultural heritage. Some of the objects along the trail still serve their original purpose, others were adapted for new functions, including public ones.

Kraków Railway Station
Railway viaduct
City Theatre Power Plant
Zieleniewski Forge
Fire station
Railway bridge over the old bed of the Vistula
Road culvert
Kraków power plant
Tramway shed
Kraków Gasworks
Podgórski Bridge
Piłsudski Bridge
Vistula Boulevards
Power plant at Nadwiślańska Street
Schindler factory
The Lipowa 3 Glass and Ceramics Centre – former Krakow Glassworks