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We invite you to the new series of Saturday family workshops

Plaster vehicles - fridge magnet
Children will cas plaster in prepared forms in the shape of rally cars and construction vehicles. They will check, what happens to the mass of plaster during solidification. They will decorate and harden their castings. Then plaster vehicles will be transformed into fridge magnets and backpack badges. Children can take their works home.

Lie detector
Worshops exploring the field of electronics. Chilldren will get to know electronic components and their symbols. Using LEDs, resistors, transistors and battery, with the help of their parents, they will set a simple electronic circuit. The circuit, using the phenomenon of change of skin resistance, can be used as a simple lie detector. White asking questions, we will observe the brightness of diodes in the system. Children can take their circuits home.

Baubles of light bulbs
During the workshop children will get to know, why traditional light bulbs were replaced by energy efficient light sources. We will use broken old type bulbs to make ornaments for Christmas tree. We will watch the historic bulbs to find out, how they were built. One can take their decorations home.

Carnival masks - car bonnets
We will look at the car bonnets gathered in the Museum collections. We will compare their shapes and get to know, why they underwent changes. We will draw the bonnets from so-called frog’s perspective. Using the drawings and prepared templates, we will create carnival masks resembling the front of a car.

Small electric generator
Workshop exploring the field of electronics. Using electronic components such as a DC motor and LED, we will build small lamp powered by the force of our muscles. By turning the crank, we will turn the LED on. Children can take their devices home.

Family logo - a badge
During the workshop the children, together with their parents, will design the logo of their family. Then the designs will be transformed into round badges with family logos.

Easter eggs painted on the water
During the workshop polystyrene and blown eggs will be decorated using Venetian technique, which is called ebru by bookbinders. This is a method of transferring the pattern prepared on water surface to different materials. During the workshop we will get to know examples of this technique used by bookbinders. By doing an experiment, we will get to know the phenomenon responsible for floating of the paint on the surface of the water.

Musical instruments
Children, with the help of their parents, will make musical instruments: small bagpipes and tubular bells. While playing the instruments, they will learn about the pitch of sound. Children can take their instruments home.

MIM-Mornings – encore! Edition 2016/2017

Electric quiz
During the workshop children will learn the history of tram depot, the area which houses the Museum of Municipal Engineering. Basing on the knowledge gained, they will fit the answers to prepared questions. Together with their parents they will make a quiz and build a simple electric circuit for checking the correct answers.

Magnetic puzzle
Children with their parents will do experiments, using magnets of different shapes. They will check, what happens if you bring the magnet close to ferrofluid. Together with their parents children will make jigsaw-puzzle of magnetic foil with their own drawing.

Light photo
During the workshop children will take photos of light-painted outlines in a darkened room. Pictures painted with light will be sent to the participants via e-mail. In addition, children will make Christmas tree ornaments with pieces of car radiators and parts of machinery.

Colourful crayons
With the help of the leader children will make wax crayons in different shapes and colours. They will find out, which colours we define as primary colours and how to create secondary ones. They will make a colour wheel and – while watching the presentation - they will learn to use it.

Cartesian diver
During the workshop children will build the “Cartesian diver”. Together with their parents they will do experiments and learn how the toy works. While watching presentation, they will get to know the story of Archimedes and the king of Syracuse.

Colourful caviar
Together with their parents children will prepare colourful, sweet caviar, using spherification technique. This technique is used in molecular gastronomy. We will taste these cracking, colourful balls of various flavours during the workshop.

Bath bombs
During the workshop participants will prepare effervescent cupcakes and bath bombs. Children will prepare a special mixture, which - when thrown into the water - starts to fizz. They will choose the colour and fragrance for their cosmetics, then they will form the bombs and prepare cupcakes in pastry tins.

Painted backpacks
Children and their parents will decorate cotton backpacks, using special fabric markers, One can use prepared templates or invent their own design, creating a unique backpack for a holiday adventure.

Workshops start at 10.30 and 12.30.
Price: 19 zł per child. We invite children aged 6-12.
Obligatory reservation, tel.: 12 428 66 44 or in person at the Museum box office.
Children participating in workshops remain in the care of their parents.
The workshops take place at the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow, ul. Św. Wawrzyńca 15.

MIM-tional Mornings - 2015-2016
We invite you to the new edition of the Saturday family workshops - "Colorful MIM-mornings". In this year's edition of workshops for children and parents we will get to know the colorful side of experiments. We will make caviar of Coca-Cola, see if one can take pictures in the dark and that magnet attracts liquid substances. The things made during the workshops can be taken home by children.
Workshops are held in Polish.

Green caviar
During the workshop the children, with the help of parents, will make edible caviar, kiwi-, coca-cola- and strawberry-flavoured and raspberry-flavoured spaghetti.

Red-blue stone
Ferrofluid-what is it? Children with their parents will make a magnetic jigsaw.

5.12. 2015
Light pictures
During the workshop we will take pictures painted with light and make original decorations of the elements of coolers and parts of machinery.

Sapphire tram
Colours of trams and buses in different cities. Children will construct small electric motor and make reflective signs of their own design.

Lavender bath muffins
Together with parents, children will make effervescent bath muffins with the scent of lavender and glycerine soaps.

Black and white wicker
During the workshop the children, with the help of their parents, will make Easter baskets of paper wicker, that can be painted any color. We will check, how durable paper is.

Coloured crayons
With the help of the teacher, children will make wax crayons in different shapes and colours. In addition, we will conduct experiments with the polarisation of light.

Painted backpacks
Children with their parents, using special fabric markers, will decorate cotton backpacks. We will carry out experiments with UV light. Backpacks are provided.

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