Sun 05.08.2018

Holiday events

Check the events we have prepared for you at the Museum of Municipal Engineering and in Stanislaw Lem Science Garden...

Fri 10.08.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

St. Lawrence’s Day

Fri 20.07.2018 Garden of Experiences

New themes of Birthday in the Science Garden!

We offer two birthday themes to choose from: " In search of a lost treasure chest" (Turn into a treasure hunter, complete the tasks that await near the devices and find the mysterious chest hidden in the Science Garden) and "Become a detective" (unravel the mystery of the theft of a birthday gift that has been lost in unexplained circumstances. Fortunately, the perpetrator left traces, thanks to which detectives, using scientific forensic methods, have a chance to find a stolen object) ...

Wed 18.07.2018

Voices of Independence

Sightseeing of Krakow in a historic bus, an exhibition showing the profiles of inventors and scientists associated with the period of efforts to regain independence, a rich offer of educational activities and much more - our Museum also joins in the celebration of restoration of Poland's independence...

Fri 13.07.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

History of mobile devices

At the next exhibition from the series Technological Classics we will present the most interesting mobile devices from our collections. They will include such iconic devices as Apple Newton OMP or Nokia 9000 Communicator...

Fri 22.06.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Tramways at Wawrzynca are coming back!

The exhibition Tramways at Wawrzynca is not only a unique place of presentation. Inside over hundred-year-old hall of the first depot of the standard-gauge tram, there will be a dozen or so historical tram carriages, still in working order, belonging to MPK Krakow and the Museum of Municipal Engineering. This collection is currently the largest and most representative of all Polish collections of historic rolling stock...