Thu 22.11.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Classics of technology - Communicating by written messages: from the telegraph to texting

We communicate by written messages nearly all the time. We send hundreds of text messages, we contact friends using social networks, we write e-mails. But the idea of using technology to send short written messages is not new. Already in the nineteenth century the world was entwined with a web of telegraph connections, and several generations of inventors and engineers worked on increasingly modern ways of writing to people in remote locations...

Fri 19.10.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Generation of The Independent

Outdoor poster exhibition at Wawrzyńca Street. "Generation of The Independent" - an exhibition introducing the profiles of inventors and scientists associated with the period of efforts to regain independence. The heroes of the exhibition are, today a bit forgotten, the creators of great innovations. They include people representing various fields of knowledge, which were united by one thing - the fact that they lived and created at a time when Poland regained its independence...

Mon 29.10.2018

A reservation for Stanislaw Lem Science Garden for the season 2019

From December 3rd, we start booking visits in the Science Garden for organized groups for the season 2019. The reservation can be made between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday by calling +48 12 428 66 00 ext. 11 or via e-mail ogrod [at]

Mon 01.10.2018


We invite organized groups for museum lessons that bring the fascinating world of science closer to you and let you learn the history of Krakow in an unusual way. Our educational offer contains a variety of topics. The classes we have prepared ensure direct participation in Physics experiments and teach in practice the principles that rule the nature. During lessons, we answer difficult questions, including: Why the smoke is rotating in the chimney? How to put an egg in a bottle with a narrow neck? What are the monks from the Shaolin monastery famous for apart from martial arts and meditation? Can you play ping-pong with soap bubbles? ...

Fri 13.04.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

We are preparing for the rebuild of the Museum

In the coming years, the Museum of Municipal Engineering will change beyond recognition. As a result of completed projects and renovations, the museum's exhibition possibilities will change radically, and the visitors will be able to admire the collections in much more comfortable conditions. Due to the approaching works, we are not able to keep open all exhibitions that we used to present. We kindly ask our visitors for understanding...

Wed 31.10.2018 Garden of Experiences

We finished the season 2018 in Stanislaw Lem Science Garden!

Thank you for being with us! We are coming back to you on April 1st, 2019. The end of the season is a time of summaries, so see the Science Garden in numbers: 112,000 people visited us; 33 instructors revealed to you the fascinating world of science; talented guides taught 800 scientific lessons for groups; we organized 23 weekend events to families (experiments, demonstrations)...