Mon 17.06.2019 Museum of Municipal Engineering

The Ghost Tram / Tramways on Wawrzyńca - exhibitions unavailable from 25 June - 7 July

Tue 28.05.2019 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Photorelation from the Night of Museums!

See what attractions our visitors have been waiting for during the Night of Museums!

Fri 13.04.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Rebuild of the Museum

What is this confusion in our museum about?

Wed 27.02.2019 Museum of Municipal Engineering

New exhibition Watch Out! The Enemy is Wiretapping You

The exhibition Watch Out! The Enemy is Wiretapping You presents the history of devices used to transmit secret information. Visitors will see early telecommunication equipment (telegraphs, telephones, radios used for instance by the army, intelligence services or democratic opposition. These devices often changed the course of history.

Fri 17.05.2019


* During the Long Night of Museums the tickets cost 1 PLN. A commemorative coin is added to each ticket until the edition is exhausted. The coin is not an admission ticket. The ticket bought at the Museum of Municipal Engineering is also valid in the Science Garden and vice versa.

Wed 24.04.2019


Check what workshops we have prepared for you in May at the Museum and Garden of Experiences!