13.04.2018 Magdalena Jabłońska

Rebuild of the Museum

What is this confusion in our museum about?

Let us explain, answer and inform: MIM a very exciting time for us is coming - the last stage of a major renovation. The former depots of horse-drawn, electric narrow-gauge and standard-gauge trams have been restored and used for many years, however, the exhibition possibilities of the entire facility are not yet fully used and adapted for the visitors. We are starting the much-awaited renovation, to finally have adequate space to implement all the crazy cultural ideas. And there are a lot of these in our heads. Hence all this confusion.

What will the renovation bring?

The tasks before us: digging, demolishing, building, separating, creating a new space. You will see a lot of mess, and where are these spectacular effects? - at the end of the renovation you will ask. The future Museum only seemingly (that is to say: on the surface) will look almost the same, but much will change in it:
  • visitors will have access to previously unused spaces,
  • our exhibition space will be doubled,
  • we will reconstruct fragments of tram tracks,
  • there will be a much larger and comfortable visitor centre as well as a café and an independent engineering store
Most attractions and novelties can be found beyond our current sight:
  • we will renovate existing underground areas, and under the courtyard of the museum we will build new undergrounds,
  • buildings will be joined by passageways to create a coherent, internal and logical sequence of visiting,
  • all this will facilitate moving around the new facility and will improve the comfort of visiting, especially in autumn and winter.
Plans, plans, ... urban engineering

We cannot reveal anything yet so as not to ruin the surprise, but the new permanent exhibition will amaze every one of you. The new arrangement will include not only the newly purchased objects, but also (what makes us particularly happy) treasures so far resting on the shelves of our vast magazines .

In the meantime, we count on your understanding and patience and invite you to visit this exhibition:


Specially for you we have adjusted our ticket prices to our current possibilities.

We would like to share with you our joy of the progress of renovation and the works on new permanent exhibition, that is why we will gradually reveal our plans, so follow the Museum's website and our profiles on social media:



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