27.02.2019 Magdalena Jabłońska

New exhibition Watch Out! The Enemy is Wiretapping You

The exhibition Watch Out! The Enemy is Wiretapping You presents the history of devices used to transmit secret information. Visitors will see early telecommunication equipment (telegraphs, telephones, radios used for instance by the army, intelligence services or democratic opposition. These devices often changed the course of history.

The exhibition includes eleven interactive stands where you will see how some seemingly complicated equipment works. You will have a chance to pretend to be a spy, try to crack a code or locate an enemy radio station.

The exhibition also makes a reference to the current uses and the importance of cryptography in everyday life and to security on the Internet. We do not usually realise that we use content encryption all the time, for example when talking on the telephone or paying on the Internet.

The exhibition is not only for those fascinated by historic techniques or widely understood history. Fans of TV spy series and stories will also have a chance to use devices that often saved the lives of their favourite book or film characters.

We have prepared a wide range of events accompanying the exhibition, including:
  • a guided tour of the exhibition;
  • family activities (e.g. Encrypting for Beginners, Invisible Ink - do it yourself, How the Lie Detector Works;
  • a game called Secret Agents in the Museum.

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