27.08.2019 Paweł Czachor

"Watch out! The enemy is wiretapping you" - the exhibition is unavailable

Therefore, we cancel the scheduled classes:

September 8th

How does the lie detector work?

September 13th

Secret agents at the museum

September 22nd

Break this code – encryption for advanced

and curatorial guided tour on September 15th



Instead, we invite you to:

September 15th

hours:  11.00 - 12.00, 15.00 - 16.00

Guided tour of the exhibition "Tramways at Wawrzynca"

Participation within the museum admission ticket.

No booking required.


September 8th

hours:  12.00 ­- 13.00

A brief history of ticket

During a brief guided tour of the "Tramways at Wawrzynca" exhibition, we will learn about the history of public transport in Krakow  and the changes in tram tickets design over the years. Each participant will make a magnetic souvenir ticket on their own.

We invite families with children from 6 years.

Please book in advance.

Participation within the museum admission ticket.