21.01.2020 Magdalena Jabłońska

Futuronauci - a timeless exhibition from February 12!

In 2020, a research vessel arrives from the future. However, it breaks down, and its crew decides to hide the damaged vehicle in the former, unused tram depot in Krakow's Kazimierz. To return to their times, newcomers from the future must find the parts necessary for repair, so they set out to look for them. However, the ship is accidentally discovered and more and more people are starting to explore its interior. There they find positions served by various ship crew members. Researchers have accumulated knowledge about the past, our time and future from which they came.

Visitors will decide for themselves in which order they will learn the artifacts of time travelers. Each of the objects contains information, exhibits or interactive games that introduce one of the fields of engineering knowledge.

We invite you to the unusual exhibition Futuronauci, during which visitors explore ... a space ship arrived from the future. Discovering its elements is an opportunity to observe changes in various fields of science and technology and to predict in which directions they will develop. Education is combined with an immersive experience when visitors roam freely in the midst of futuristic arrangement.

The exhibition is directed primarily at viewers aged 7-16 - organized groups and families - adult carers and parents.

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