Fri 22.12.2017 Museum of Urban Engineering

At the end of September we are introducing a new exhibition!

Thanks to the exhibition "P for paradox. The story of Fiat 125p" we will take our visitors on a journey in time through the best years of Fiat 125p and through thematic parts of the exhibition - from dreaming about fiat, through buying it, to the delights and difficulties of everyday use...

Mon 11.12.2017 Museum of Urban Engineering

winners of the competition for children "Draw your fiat"

Sat 09.12.2017 Museum of Urban Engineering

What does the Kraków smog have in common with a fuel cell?

We invite you to the weekend workshops of the "Find Your Fortes" series. This time we will take up the subject of smog. We will find out what exactly it is, how it arises and how we can protect ourselves against it. In the second part of the workshop we will build a Volta cell and a fuel cell. We will use the electric current to power the sound postcard and run the fan and a small car. We invite children from 7 to 13 years old...

Tue 28.11.2017 Museum of Urban Engineering

Printing in Kraków 15th-20th century

Dear Visitors, we would like to inform that the exhibition "Printing Krakow 15th-20th century." will be unavailable from 28.11.2017.

Sat 30.09.2017 Museum of Urban Engineering

The Contest
„Draw Your Fiat"

We invite you to participate in the competition for younger car enthusiasts! Visit our exhibition "P for paradox. The story of the Fiat 125p" with your family and take part in the contest. Contest rules: take a comic book from the ticket office or from the table on the exhibition; find the places where we put the stamps; place the stamps in the book, they will create a Fiat 125p profile; colour the Fiat 125p in any way you like...

Sun 26.11.2017 Museum of Urban Engineering

Sunday open workshops for families

We invite families to the workshop accompanying the exhibition "P for paradox. The story of the Fiat 125p. Workshops: "On the Assembly Line" - during the workshops participants will learn about the main modules that the car is divided into during the production on the assembly line and about the basic components of the car; "Use your brakes!" during the workshop we will explain and demonstrate the principle behind the operation of braking systems of various types: hydraulic and pneumati...