Fri 13.04.2018 Museum of Urban Engineering

Rebuild of the Museum

What is this confusion in our museum about?

Fri 19.10.2018 Museum of Urban Engineering

Generation of The Independent

Outdoor poster exhibition at Wawrzyńca Street. "Generation of The Independent" - an exhibition introducing the profiles of inventors and scientists associated with the period of efforts to regain independence. The heroes of the exhibition are, today a bit forgotten, the creators of great innovations. They include people representing various fields of knowledge, which were united by one thing - the fact that they lived and created at a time when Poland regained its independence...

Fri 21.12.2018 Museum of Urban Engineering

Come to the museum in January!

As the traditional Polish proverb goes: ‘January connects the old and the new year together, sometimes freezes to the bone, sometimes gets stuck in the mud’. Are we worried about it? Not at all! There is always something interesting to do in the museum. We invite you to our New Year's educational classes. This time you can find out, how the simple, yet brilliant, machines work, making everyday life easier, as well as create useful reflectors or print the pattern of your own design on the backpack. For the lovers of winter impressions we have frosty experiments, for enthusiasts of public transport – guided tour of the tram exhibition...

Sat 10.11.2018 Museum of Urban Engineering

November attractions at the Museum Urban Engineering

In November we celebrate the anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. We invite you to our commemorative classes, where you can make badges or graphics marking the regaining of independence. We will also find out about the structure of human skin and how the skin protects itself against harmful factors...

Tue 28.08.2018 Museum of Urban Engineering

Classics of technology - Retro computers

"Classics of technology" is a series of mini-exhibitions that present rarely shown objects from the collection of the Museum of Urban Engineering. Selected exhibits will tell you a story about the development of technologies, without which we can no longer imagine our everyday life. Over the decades, radios, television sets, telephones and computers have evolved both in terms of technologies used and industrial design. We want to encourage visitors to carefully look at historic devices, that is why the series "Classics of technology" is carried out in a manner the exhibition of one exhibit...

Fri 10.08.2018 Museum of Urban Engineering

St. Lawrence’s Day