Fri 22.11.2019 Museum of Urban Engineering


Every Friday you will have the opportunity to listen to a podcast related to urban topics and technology.

Fri 30.08.2019 Museum of Urban Engineering

The creative zone is a new form of educational classes that you have not yet experienced.

The creativity zone is our new exhibition prepared for conducting educational activities that you have not yet experienced. It is addressed to organised groups and families with children after prior reservation.

Fri 19.07.2019 Museum of Urban Engineering


The result of the project will be the modernization of the historic Czyżyny Hangar together with the boiler room building and establishing another division of MIM.

Tue 28.05.2019 Museum of Urban Engineering

Photorelation from the Night of Museums!

See what attractions our visitors have been waiting for during the Night of Museums!

Thu 09.05.2019 Museum of Urban Engineering

Hangar Czyżyny comes back to the game!

The museum is not idle and it takes on more and more ambitious challenges. Recently, the reconstruction of the headquarters on Wawrzyńca St. has started, currently some funds have been obtained for the next stage of works at the Czyżyny Hangar.

Fri 19.04.2019 Museum of Urban Engineering

Photo reportage from the opening of the exhibition!

The exhibition includes eleven interactive stands where you will see how some seemingly complicated equipment works. You will have a chance to pretend to be a spy, try to crack a code or locate an enemy radio station.