Sun 26.11.2017 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Sunday open workshops for families

We invite families to the workshop accompanying the exhibition "P for paradox. The story of the Fiat 125p. Workshops: "On the Assembly Line" - during the workshops participants will learn about the main modules that the car is divided into during the production on the assembly line and about the basic components of the car; "Use your brakes!" during the workshop we will explain and demonstrate the principle behind the operation of braking systems of various types: hydraulic and pneumati...

Sun 18.06.2017 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Fragrance dizziness

At the workshop we will learn about old methods of obtaining fragrances from various parts of plants. We will demonstrate the method of maceration to make body oil from the dried flowers. In the end, the participants will make a fragnant air freshener for car or wardrobe...

Sat 03.06.2017 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Find your fortes

Cardioverter - defibrillator - what is it? At the workshop we will get to know a cardiologist Mieczysław Mirowski and his invention - the cardioverter-defibrillator. We will try to look inside the device to learn its complicated structure.

Sat 27.05.2017 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Musical instruments

Children, with the help of their parents, will make musical instruments: small bagpipes and tubular bells. While playing the instruments, they will learn about the pitch of sound. Children can take their instruments home. Workshops start at 10.30 and 12.30. Price: 19 zł per child...

Sat 13.05.2017 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Painted backpack

Children and their parents will decorate cotton backpacks, using special fabric markers, One can use prepared templates or invent their own design, creating a unique backpack for a holiday adventure...

Sun 30.04.2017 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Beautiful letter - calligraphy workshops.

Beautiful letter - calligraphy workshops. Sunday open workshops: March 19 and 26, 12.00. At the calligraphy workshop you will learn to be patient, careful and concentrated. Do you believe that the art of beautiful writing can teach you that? Come and see for yourself. Participation in the workshop as a part of an admission ticket to the museum.