Fri 13.07.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

History of mobile devices

At the next exhibition from the series Technological Classics we will present the most interesting mobile devices from our collections. They will include such iconic devices as Apple Newton OMP or Nokia 9000 Communicator...

Fri 22.06.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Tramways at Wawrzynca are coming back!

The exhibition Tramways at Wawrzynca is not only a unique place of presentation. Inside over hundred-year-old hall of the first depot of the standard-gauge tram, there will be a dozen or so historical tram carriages, still in working order, belonging to MPK Krakow and the Museum of Municipal Engineering. This collection is currently the largest and most representative of all Polish collections of historic rolling stock...

Sun 08.07.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

museum lessons "It's so simple"

Inspired by interactive stands at the exhibition "It's so simple", we prepared new Sunday museum lessons. In an accessible and interesting way we will prove that it science is not so scary.

Sun 24.06.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

Water Critical Mass

The 7th Water Critical Mass is coming. This year we are the co-organizers of this event! We invite you to the Rodła Boulevard, the mouth of the Rudawa to the Vistula, where the start of the 7th Water Critical Mass will take place. At 11:30 we will start classes for children. We invite you to the stand, where you can conduct experiments related to water...

Sat 23.06.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

A weekend at an exhibition of railway models

Who didn’t dream of their own model train in their childhood? An electric one, with stations, turnouts and working semaphores. On 23 and 24 June the Museum of Municipal Engineering would like to invite those whose dream has not yet come true as well as those who have already played with model trains but want to interest their children in their hobby or who want themselves to experience once again the unforgettable atmosphere to an exhibition of railroad models and to a number of additional attractions...

Mon 04.06.2018 Museum of Municipal Engineering

In the printer's workshop

Officina Typographica – a museum printing house run by the last practicing typographic printer Józef Rakoczy. Offer of services: typographic printing, business cards, invitations, repairs, book binding. The printing house works on old machines and hand-driven presses...