Tramways at Wawrzyńca

The exhibition Tramways at Wawrzynca is not only a unique place of presentation. Inside over hundred-year-old hall of the first depot of the standard-gauge tram, there will be a dozen or so historical tram carriages, still in working order, belonging to MPK Krakow and the Museum of Municipal Engineering. This collection is currently the largest and most representative of all Polish collections of historic rolling stock. All vehicles available to visitors have been meticulously restored and fully reflect the condition of years of regular operation.

Among them the most valuable are:

  • SN1 motor carriage from 1912, belonging to the first type of standard-gauge trams operated in Krakow
  • SN4 motor carriage from 1910, brought to Krakow in 1941 and coming from Eberswalde, where tram communication was closed. It is the only preserved vehicle of this type
  • a unique tram locomotive BT1 from 1921, originating from Wroclaw, where it was used to roll freight cars on tram tracks
  • PN3 trailer from 1909, one of 20 carriages brought to Krakow in 1941 from Nuremberg
  • Ring motor carriage from 1930, from Gdańsk, one of the 2 surviving pieces
  • SN2 motor carriage from 1938, the only surviving piece of the last type of tram carriages delivered to Krakow before the outbreak of World War II

All carriages that will be presented at the exhibition are in working order; during the summer season they are used on Krakow Museum Line www.muzealna.org.

Gallery: Tramways at Wawrzyńca