Road culvert

Located at the mouth of Miodowa Street, the road culvert was built ca. 1855 and led through an Eastern State Railway (Östliche Staatsbahn) line embankment. The State Railway built a line to Bochnia in the years from 1850 to 1858, and then from Kraków to Lwów. The team that designed and built this section of the railway line was headed in the years 1850 – 1854 by Eng. Fegy, followed by engineers Zapałowicz and Dümmer. In 1858, the line was taken over by the Charles Louis Galician Railway, and in 1891 Östliche Staatsbahn again.

The culvert passed the embankment, through which a single-track railway originally ran and since 1892, a double-track one. In 1899, a third track was added for the local line from Kraków to Kocmyrzów, opened at that time. Adding a third line of track caused the need to rebuild the embankment, expand retaining walls and widen the culvert.

The culvert has been built from blocks of sandstone. Currently it has lost its original aesthetics, because losses in stone were regularly filled with concrete.

The culvert is located next to the route of Jewish landmarks and the new Jewish Cemetery.

More information:

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