Second Chance

"Second Chance – from industrial infrastructure to creative industries" 2010 – 2013

The project was carried out within the Project 4.3: Programme for Central Europe.

The idea was to initiate regional cooperation of European Union member states in the field of revitalising former industrial areas through turning them into attractive cultural facilities. 10 partners contributed to the project, two in each of five European cities: Nuremberg, Leipzig, Kraków, Venice and Ljubljana.
The project was carried out by five public institutions: Amt für Kultur und Freizeit (KUF) Nurnberg, Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH, City of Kraków, Citta di Venezia, City of Ljubljana and five private entities, operating in post-industrial objects: MIB – Fünfte Investitionsgesellschaft, HALLE 14 e.V., Museum of Urban Engineering in Kraków, Arsenale di Venezia and former ROG bicycle factory in Ljubljana, currently ROG Modern Art Centre.

Stage I. Pilot investment.

As a part of the project, the Museum of Urban Engineering acquired funds for:

1) equipping the museum's technical support for outdoor events at the Św. Wawrzyńca Quarter yard

2) creating an identification and information system in the museum,

3) design and implementation of an audioguide visiting system

4) roof repair over part of the D hall – the main museum exhibition

5) room adaptation and equipment for the conference and library room

The investment was intended to expand the scope of the Museum's activities to include cultural events at the yard as well as meetings and conferences organised in the conference room

Stage II. Cultural exchange.

In 2013, the project partners conducted cultural exchange in the wide sense – for example, culture animators from Nuremberg carried out workshops for children and youth in the Museum of Urban Engineering and Borut Peterlin, an artist from Ljubljana, exhibited his photographic works in the Museum as a part of the Photography Month in Kraków. His exhibition, titled "Great Depression 1912 – 1913", is a set of pictures showing disused, abandoned industrial structures. The exhibition took place from 16.05 to 16.06.2013.

Stage III. Strategy.

The project ended with creation of long-term strategies of post-industrial object management and a concept of co-financing the further activity of these places on the private-public partnership basis.

Project website:

The film promoting the Museum of Urban Engineering as a partner of the Second Chance:

Project partners:

Auf AEG in Nuremberg

HALLE 14 in Leipzig

Arsenal in Venice

ROG in Ljubljana

Film promoting Museum of Urban Engineering in Cracow as a partner of the Second Chance Project: