Work With Sounds

Work with Sounds

"Work with Sounds" is an international museum project aimed at recording the sounds of work and everyday life related to activities, technologies and devices from various regions of Europe that are becoming past and making them accessible. Through recording sounds, we want to show those acoustic landscapes that have passed and catch those that are passing, from among those which used to constitute an intrinsic element of everyday experience in industrial society.

Six European museums participate in the project:
Labour Museum in Norrköping, Sweden – project leader
Museum of Municipal Engineering in Kraków, Poland
Museum of Technology in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Westphalia Museum of Industry in Dortmund, Germany
La Fonderie. Museum of Labour and Industry in Brussels, Belgium
Finnish Museum of Labour Werstas in Tampere, Finland

At least 600 sounds, produced by original devices in working condition located in existing workplaces or museums, will be recorded. The sounds will be supplemented by photographic and film documentation as well as descriptions providing details of the history of the objects. All the materials will be made available in the online base:

Listening to the recordings in the base and downloading them is free. All the materials are made available at Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence, which means that they can be freely used and processed with authorship attribution.

The project began on September 1, 2013 and it is planned to end on September 31, 2015.

The project "Work with Sounds" is co-funded by the European Union, as a part of the Culture 2007-2013 programme. The project budget is 512 000 €, including 61% contribution of the museums and 39% EU donation.

Link to the project website: